DE KUIJER-IOE B.V. provides on- and offshore services in the following areas:


  • Prepare and review budgets for tender purposes
  • Prepare and review procedures and schedules for logistical, installation and operational purposes
  • Participate in risk assessments
  • Installation engineering


  • Investigate and execute the temporary importation processes for floating equipment (vessels and barges) and non-floating (slings, shackles, steel structures, etc.) equipment
  • Investigate and execute custom clearance processes for floating and non-floating equipment
  • Investigate immigration regulations and execute (large) crew mobilisation and demobilisations accordingly
  • Investigate visa regulations and obtain visas for world wide based on- and off-shore workers accordingly
  • Set-up and manage world wide based temporary offshore support offices
  • Negotiate with and instruct international based shipping agencies and ship owners
  • Manage medical emergency and security situations


  • Project inductions
  • Safety inductions
  • Dynamic Positioning – training
  • Personalised training in a 3D animated interactive envirionment